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The Bridge is a journey spanning fifty years.

It’s a bridge that’s renewed by uniting tradition and modernity, nostalgia and joie de vivre, vintage and a green soul. It’s a story of superior-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. It’s the Tuscan way of life embodied in bags and accessories with a natural, timeless elegance and made of full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather polished to become soft and incredibly radiant.

The Bridge expresses the values of fine Italian manufacturing while drawing on a romantically retro English-style aesthetic. Today we see its target world – related to the youth and globetrotting culture of the Seventies – in the hipster culture, the offspring of the digital revolution. But while fashions pass, The Bridge’s elegance remains. Classic, unmistakeable, worldly-wise. And always inseparably bound to a Slow Life approach, nomadic and eco-friendly.

Each individual piece in the collection – made unique by artisan manufacturing traditionally associated with Florence and Tuscany – becomes a piece of life lived, a sign of style, a travel companion that expresses the new millennium with a bohemian spirit.