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Inspired by the The Bridge archives of 1969, 50 unique pieces are reinterpreted with unique and exclusive floral decoration rigorously “handmade”, in keeping with the mastery of the Tuscan craftsmen.
The iconic saddlebag and the classic newspaper bag are on sale online and in the flagship stores of Milan, Turin and Bari.


Over the years the famous saddlebag - with its round shape and leather flap, side gusset and double topstitching reminiscent of saddlery - has interpreted a genuine lifestyle and way of dressing, to become the icon of a timeless style. In the commemorative capsule, the bag is enriched with a floral decoration in bright colours, and it winks an eye at the world of tattoos and hipsters. The handcrafted tattoo expresses a lifestyle that is no longer necessarily unconventional as much as it is cosmetic and a style indicator. Small details in the warm shade of satin-finish gold add a vintage touch to the bag.


The men’s newspaper briefcase that came into being in the ‘70s to offer an alternative to the rigid portfolio of the day triggered nothing less than a revolution in the world of business bags. This commemorative item is enhanced by a highly sophisticated technique carried out by hand with a sponge. A wax that turns darker on the edges when heated is rubbed onto the leather, and gives it a “deliberately” shaded effect that adds a vintage and aged touch. Essential buckles and exposed hand-stitching give the bag a saddlery atmosphere.

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