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Our objective is to create a better future for the future generations.
We measure the impact of our activities, then we take action to reduce it and to offset it
by supporting certified emission-reduction projects.
The Fazenda Nascente Do Luar reforestation project in Brazil allowed us to reach carbon neutrality
by offsetting the 1,896 tonnes of CO2 produced by the Group in its activities (scopes 1 and 2).

The reforestation project had positive effects also on the biome,
progressively taking the fauna back into the Cerrado areas that had been deforested.
Lastly, the local communities benefited with new job opportunities and
a better quality of life for the workers and their families.
The project activities allowed 6 out of the 17 sustainable development goals established by the United Nations to be reached.

In addition to offsetting the carbon footprint relating to the corporate activities, the Piquadro Group is taking up another
important commitment: it will gradually begin to offset the CO2 emissions relating to the production of some best sellers.
The Bridge will start with a women’s bag and a men’s backpack of the Story line.

Together with the Piquadro Group, The Bridge will thus be one of the first companies in the world
to have embraced such a level of commitment.

The CO2 emissions generated by the green products of the Story line have been calculated based on the GHG protocol. They were then offset based on the production with an extra 15% to cover any calculation errors through Verra VCS standard-certified carbon credits that support the Fazenda Nascente do Luar reforestation project. This operation will be repeated every year.