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Five craftsmen put their ideas together in 1969 on the outskirts of Florence and formed The Bridge. The name comes from the bridge that links the company’s then native town of Scandicci to nearby Florence. The Bridge has always distinguished itself from the very beginning by its “English style” and top quality products made with excellent materials and unique processing techniques handed down by Florentine master craftsmen. Each and every product that comes out of the large artisan workshop in Scandicci (province of Florence) is of extraordinarily high quality and is handmade just like in the past, following the handicraft tradition of Florentine workshops. Never-ending research is at the heart of our philosophy. In this way we can guarantee products that are increasingly lightweight and practical, but totally observe tradition. The top quality of the raw materials, time, care and passion with which our products are created makes them beautiful and unique.

The leathers used are all rigorously selected from the best tanneries in Italy and abroad to ensure their quality and adaptability over time.

Only full grain leather processed from the tanning stage with strict handcrafted techniques is selected for our products. Every single leather is dyed by hand and they are all polished by passing under amber rollers.

The result is a soft and supple leather with a bright and shining appearance.
Every single bag is handmade with utmost attention paid to every processing step.
The best parts of the leather are selected during the first cutting stage.
The craftsman with his expertise matches the most similar parts of the leather to create the object and assemble it at the workbench. After the leather has been selected with loving care, it is cut by hand.

Years of hard work and practice, as well as considerable sensitivity to the material being used, are needed to acquire this manual ability. In some cases, the artisan mastery of our workshops makes using the “sharp cut” technique possible, with the side of the cut leather visible. Then the leather is bonded, dyed, glazed, brushed to eliminate waste, and dyed again.
We pay utmost attention in using this technique in order to make the product’s finish one of the most characteristic aspects of The Bridge. Particular attention is paid to the stitching that highlights the shapes of our products and defines their design. Utilisation of the “pricker” stitching technique, borrowed from the world of saddlery, is just one example of this.

Over the years, our master craftsmen have picked up a marked dexterity in using this particular stitching technique that demands the craftsman’s precision and sensitivity.
It is one of the distinctive features of our iconic products.
Our products are all made by hand, just like some of the components.
The structure of our bags requires considerable assembly time - in some cases, entire days - and focusing attention on detail is not easy to acquire. Close attention is paid in every step of the production chain so that a high quality product that follows all the canons of craftsmanship and savoir faire required of a “Made in Tuscany” product is sent to our warehouse.
It is the care devoted to details and the selection of the parts that form the end product that ensures that The Bridge product will enjoy a long lifetime. All the accessories used have the same lifetime as that of the product itself.
The characteristic colour of our finishes comes from the hand processes that every single piece goes through to make it unique. A top quality product, research, practicality and pure craftsmanship give the final result. Its use and the passing of time make that product acquire value and become a lifetime companion. Day after day, our leather takes on a sophisticated well-worn and unmistakable allure that tells the story of whoever carries it.